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Yarnfolk in Whitehead 02/08/19

James McIntosh
July 24, 2019

Knit and Nibble on tour - Yarnfolk in Whitehead

EXTRA EVENT ADDED DUE TO DEMAND: 12-2pm, Friday 2nd August - Whitehead Railway Museum

Dr Thomas Ernst FRCP and James McIntosh, co-authors of Knit and Nibble are speaking at YarnFolk Festival this year at the pre-festival dinner.

James who is from Northern Ireland is very excited to be coming home as part of his world award winning book tour.

About Yarnfolk

Yarnfolk takes over the picturesque town of Whitehead on Saturday 3rd August 2019 with lots of events and workshops. There will be lots of independent dyers and spinners, and events all spread out across various locations in Whitehead.

At the heart of Yarnfolk is the people, and the community of Whitehead coming together to celebrate all things colour and yarn.

YarnFolk takes place on 3rd August 2019 click HERE for details.

What have Dr Ernst and James planned?

Simply put, in 4 words:

Knit and Nibble Extravaganza

It's all a bit hush hush for now. However, we promise you a fun event and different from our normal talks.

Join us for a buffet dinner starting at 6:30pm at The Bank House, Whitehead for a chance to nibble, while you're knitting!

Dr Ernst and James will be entertaining the masses about the story behind Knit and Nibble and how one stitch at a time helped James to knit myself back together after depression while Dr Ernst had to overcome the transformation of his home from quiet flat to a yarn store!

It's a story of love, adversity, stitches, self discovery and what life is like when faced with an illness. It won't be a doom and gloom afternoon ... Dr Thomas and James promise a time of laughter, anecdotes, the reality of depression and how James came through the other side, one stitch at a time.

They say laughter is the best medicine, combine that with knitting and honesty about one's feelings and we have a great potion for regaining self-worth to overcome depression.

James and Dr Thomas will be signing books at the end of the events

When 12pm - 2pm and again 6:30 - 8:30pm Friday 2nd August 2019


Whitehead Railway Museum, Whitehead, BT38 9NA - for the lunchtime event

The Bank house Edward Road, Whitehead, BT38 9QB - for the eventing event

Price £20 per head to include buffet

Tickets to book tickets, click HERE

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