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Why I LOVE KnitPro / Knitters Pride

James McIntosh
June 20, 2019

What makes a great knitting needle?

Length? Colour? Girth?

Circular, straight, double ended or interchangeable?

Circular or square? - yes square!

All of these and more!

Knitting needles made in different materials have different uses. Metal gives strength and speed, wood is flexible and beautiful, bamboo is flexible with high friction, plastic is light and warm while carbon is super strong and light. I've explained the features and benefits in my book Knit and Nibble.

KnitPro (or Knitters Pride in North American) in my opinion, make the best knitting needles, crochet hooks and accessories in the world. But there is more to the story than this. The KnitPro story is one of courage, ethics and love.

To buy KnitPro needles and accessories click HERE

Knitting Social Action

Sadly, not everyone has the best opportunities in life and that’s where KnitPro are brilliant; they help to knit equality into society. Based in India, KnitPro help women in all manner of ways offering work, food, health and childcare, schooling and after-school clubs too. They also do much needed social work by visiting local villages conveying the message as to why it’s good and healthy for women to work.

Just holding KnitPro products in your hands shows the other reason why this community engagement is great: the products are manufactured to a very high standard, and are beautiful too. KnitPro also runs a school in a very poor village near New Delhi, providing free education for nearly 900 children.


Thank you KnitPro for the great article you wrote about Knit and Nibble.

KnitPro Newsletter January 2019 featuring Knit and Nibble

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