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What's its like to come to a Knit and Nibble talk

James McIntosh
June 7, 2019

The Knit and Nibble talk

We have been out and about and had the privilege to meet many of you, thank you for coming to our Knit and Nibble talk.

Your encouragement and messages mean a lot to us, and for us to know that our honesty about depression has helped you, warms our hearts.

What is the Knit and Nibble talk about?

In a word - empowerment.

It's the story of how James McIntosh brought joy back to his life when confined to bed with depression by knitting.

James McIntosh was a man full of energy and life. Travelling the world as the Global Ambassador for AGA cookers and a presenter on China Food TV.

That was, until the age of 35 when he was suddenly struck with a moderately severe depressive episode. James could not leave his bedroom for a year. Fear, panic and a darkness consumed him, not least to mention a catatonic physical state, he was a shadow of himself. During this time, James taught himself to knit.

Slowly, one stitch at a time, James was able to regain his health and together with his partner, Dr Thomas Ernst FRCP - a senior consultant physician they researched knitting and wellness developing a mindful knitting concept called - knititation®©.

Come along and hear James tell his story of overcoming adversity, the highs and lows, love and laughter as he talks about the story behind his world award winning book Knit and Nibble - how one man knit himself back together, one stitch at a time.

How do I attend a talk?

Dr Thomas Ernst and James will be up and down the country (and across Europe too) talking all things knititation® - in shops, community centres and at yarn shows too! Just click HERE to see our event list, book a ticket and say hello.

It's very humbling to hear one's talk quoted ...

Especially when it's the story of how one overcame their personal struggles. Mine was, depression by the use of hand knitting that Dr Thomas and myself call Knititation®.

Dr Thomas Ernst, both as my life partner and as a Doctor himself, knew I was very ill when the 'black dog' arrived at our home. Our story about Knit and Nibble is about just that, how a stitch in time saved my mind. Thomas has continually said to me that I'm amazing.

I've shrugged his 'amazing quote' off on many occasions thinking he simply sweat talking me to wash the dishes / do the ironing / vacuum our flat or the likes... But he means it, and Lynne Rowe AKA 'the Woolnest' who came to one of our talks at Black Sheep Wools says the following in her blog about the event:

We're all born amazing and it's only society that tells us that we're not good enough, or that we need to certain things to show everyone that we're successful and worthy humans. But in reality we're born amazing through billions of years of evolution and we carry all of the historical DNA coding from our ancestors - from that single cell amoeba, to fish, mammals and so on, through to our human form. He [Dr Thomas] explained how our unconscious mind holds all of these memories too, in addition to the memories of our conscious mind (which I was surprised to learn is only the size of a walnut - quite small isn't it!!).
About Lynne Row
Lynne Row

Lynne writes knitting and crochet patterns for many of the Knitting and Crochet magazines in the UK, an author of 5 knitting and crochet books as well as a knitting podcast presenter. Lynne is a great supporter of Mindfulness and has presented some great 'mindful crochet videos'

You can have a read of Lynne's experience of hearing our talk HERE

So, what do others say?

The story of James’ struggle with depression and how knitting had a life changing impact on him is a wonderful example of the benefits of the craft on mental health. A truly inspirational story.

Debbie Bliss MBE

James McIntosh shares his personal story of using knitting to tackle depression one stitch at a time. He is a warm and engaging speaker and, although he is dealing with a serious subject, his tale is full of laughter and positivity. He provides great insight into the benefits of knititation for everyone. James’ talk was so popular that he had to return to Wool Zone for a second visit.

Julie Beardwell, Woolzone, Oakham

James came to our shop in Saffron Walden, the shop was full and he spoke from his heart about how he regained his life after depression with knititation.  Many of my customers shared their journey, a creatively intimate evening - whilst knitting and nibbling

Jane, Craft Days, Saffron Walden

James speaking at Knit One, Leicester

Many people have times in their life when they struggle with their mental health. James talks about his experience of depression honestly, opening the door for others to do the same. The way he regained control of his life with knititation is an inspiration.

Dr L.J. Smith

James speaking at Happy Hare, Chapletown

We are so pleased James came to speak about "knititation" at out little shop. He is a really interesting speaker, able to inspire others with his words, and teach basic techniques which anyone can easily implement in their day-to-day lives to maintain or improve their mood. Oh, and the cake recipes in the book are delicious as well!

Lisa Birkett

Happy Hare, Chapletown

How do I book a talk?

Just click HERE to email us.

James will help you with marketing, press releases, radio interviews and help create traffic to both your shop and website.

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