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James McIntosh
February 11, 2019

When I wrote Knit and Nibble, it was out of desperation.

Desperation to find a knitting pattern for a man, that a man wanted to wear.

  • An easy knit
  • Something that fitted like fashionable clothing stores sell
  • A sweater for a man, that was manly

Welcome to Wear. It's an easy knit in the sumptuous Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK. Easy to knit in stocking stitch with simple increases and decreases. The raglan sleeve gives a gracious line and a neck line that is great for t-shirts or shirts. Not forgetting a cheeky splash of accenting on the cast on edges.

Click HERE to download the pattern.

Don't forget to post your image of your colour choices for this sweater on line #knitmcintosh

Wear by James McIntosh
Wear - by James McIntosh

#knitandnibble #knitmcintosh #knititation #knitsirdar #knitsublime

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