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UK Hand Knitting Association

James McIntosh
June 20, 2019

The UK Hand Knitting Association impresses me.

Here's why ...

  • It's a not for profit association of 8 members across the yarn and pattern world who proactively help knitters and crochet enthusiasts.
  • A one stop wonder for people like me, and possibly you too who are looking for help with how to knit, find a knitter, a knitting group (over 400 listed in the UK) or a yarn shop. Never-mind a full list of UK events running across the country relating to yarn. And for those that want to knit for charity there is a whole selection of patterns and what charities want knitted items.
  • Their facts and figures about hand knitting are staggering. For many of us, we knit at home in private and don't realise such things as how much yarn John Lewis sell (enough to go around the world twice in 2014) or that 18.1m people craft in the UK in 2017 (a rise of 5 million people since 2007) with just short of 6 million knitters in the UK.
  • Their monthly Newsletter is full of inspiration.

Knit and Nibble by James McIntosh and Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP
Knit and Nibble by James McIntosh and Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP

Imagine my joy when Knit and Nibble was featured on their wide reaching blog.

Here is what they have said about Knit and Nibble:

This [book] would be a useful choice for a new or would-be knitter or someone looking for straightforward patterns for men’s sweaters.

Thank you UK Hand Knitting Association, being recognised as a newbie to the industry is the biggest compliment one's work can achieve.

You can read all about the UK Hand Knitting Association HERE. And they blog they kindly wrote about my work HERE.

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