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Tuck Stitch

James McIntosh
August 28, 2019

Tuck Stitch

Tuck stitch is worked on a multiple of 4 rows.

The end stitch at either end on all rows is a knit stitch as is the final row of knitting before cast-off.

Multiples of stitches: 2 stitches, and a knit or purl stitch at each end.

Stitch pattern

when knit flat

Yarn: Bergere de France Merinos 4 DK

Colour: Indigo

Knitting needles: 4mm / USA 6

Tension of yarn if knit in stocking stitch: 22 stitches and 28 rows = 10cm / 4in square


K knit, K1below insert the right-hand needle into next stitch one row below and knit, P purl, RS right side of work, St(s) Stitch(es), WS wrong side of work

Here's how to make it

Cast on required number of stitches.

** Row 1 RS: K1 (edge st), knit to last st, K1 (edge st)

Row 2 WS: P1 (edge st), purl to last st P1 (edge st)

Row 3 RS: K1 (edge st), *K1, P1* repeat from * to * last st P1 (edge st)

Row 4 RS: P1 (edge st), *P1, K1below* repeat from * to * last st P1 (edge st) **

Repeat from ** to ** until length required.

Next row: Knit

Cast off

Knitting chart

Read each row right to left.

Tuck Stitch Knitting Chart
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