The Safety Line

James McIntosh
February 11, 2019

Sometimes one has to rip out to go forward…

And it sucks.  Doesn’t it?

No point in asigning blame.  Was it a wrong stitch in a pattern or a mistake in garment shaping?  

It’s time to rip back.  After all there is no delete key or Tippex in knitting.  Don’t kid yourself it wont be noticed.  It will.

Surely knitting is love, one does not put so much effort into a knitted item for it to be wrong?  Imagine being a parent, it’s the love and care that makes knitting so special - just like the care in knitting to complete a finished garment.

Reversing to go forward.

Set your knitting down.  Grab a cuppa. Breathe

Feel better now?

Introducing the ‘Safety Line’.  It’s my top knitting tip.  And it solves all sorts of issues.

Here’s how to do it ...

Thread a length of yarn in a different colour to your main yarn colour, longer than the knitted work will finish at - onto a tapestry needle a.  Thread it through the stitches on the knitting needle.  Knit the next row as per pattern and it will stay in place.  As the knitting grows the contrast yarn will stay in place, so if one needs to rip back to this point, the stitches will stay on the yarn and the needle can be inserted easily into the loops of the stitches without

I told you it was my top tip!

A few of these rows in knitting can help both the beginner and the confident knitter too.

But I hear your cry, ‘I have to rip back and I have not added a safety line’.  Aggghhh.

Grab that cuppa as mentioned above and place your work flat on the table.  Take a length of different coloured yarn, longer than your knitted work as above on a tapestry needle and thread it through the stitches where you need to as they present .  Ensure the line sewn in is straight, going under each stitch in the row.

There, problem solved, knitting is better.  Have a sneaky piece of chocolate to celebrate ‘disaster averted’.

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