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The BIG knit - it's Absolutely Fabulous

James McIntosh
August 31, 2019

'You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes'

Wise words spoken by Patsy Stone in the classic series of 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

And this blog entry is about some things that are Absolutely Fabulous - the Knit and Nibble charity project for 2019

Simply put, 31 stitches and 17 rows can change a life, and add more fizz than Patsy with a bottle of Bolly to people all over the UK.

Why Knit and Nibble are supporting the Big Knit

As someone who has overcome depression, and knows the fear, isolation and loneliness of it, I understand, deep in my heart how little things can turn a long day on my own into a moment that is Absolutely Fabulous.

For those of you that have been following my knitting adventures, you will have read about Dr Thomas Ernst FRCP - the good looking Doc on page 8 of Knit and Nibble. Dr Ernst, (or 'Tommy' to me - him in-doors) is a senior consultant general physician in a large central London teaching hospital who's in-patients are geriatrics. We know just too well how AGE UK changes lives, allows people to live, and want to live to 'love later life', we also understand loneliness.

Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP says ...

There are few these days who are passionate about the quality of life for older people, AGE UK is an example of how we can improve the dignity and respect older people receive. Few know the true value of the elderly in society and the results society receives when looking after older people with dignity and respect. AGE UK do.

So back to hats ...

25pence is donated to AGE UK for every drink sold with a knitted hat by Innocent

I'm sure you have walked past a fridge in a shop every October and noticed knitted hats on Innocent smoothies over the past few years. They are sort of hard to miss!

A staggering 7.5 million of these dinky drinks covers have been hand knit (or crocheted) in the past 16 years raising £2.5 million for AGE UK.

The money raised will make a big difference to the lives of older people by funding AGE UK’s hugely important services and classes to support local AGE UK's to deliver hands-on services such as:

  • lunch clubs
  • home safety checks
  • vital campaigning work.
  • free advice line (open 365 days a year)

This year, the target is 1.6m hat's (Patsy said one can never have enough) delivered to AGE UK by 31st July.

What to do?

Just click HERE for patterns, inspiration, information, where to send them.

Don't forget to take a pic of your work and add it to Instagram with the hashtag of #bigknit and share with @age_uk and @innocent

What are James and Dr Thomas doing for The Big Knit

We are off on holiday next week. Yippee!

James is going to commit to knit the little fella's everyday while away on a tour of Israel.

After all, James' concept of knititation® will not only help himself, but others too.

Where will they pop up? Dead Sea? In a Kibbutz? At Tel Aviv Pride ... to name a few spots ...

Follow me on Instagram next week to see my Big Knit adventure. All photographed by Dr Thomas.

As for my first hat for The Big Knit ...

My friend L.J. and myself were invited to AGE UK HQ in London to hear more about the Big Knit last week.

We came home excited by what a few stitches can do to improve the lives of others and over a chat and a giggle we knit some hats - don't stress, if you can knit and purl you can make a hat.

I promise you, it's easy peasy.

What do AGE UK do?

Have a look, isn't this just Absolutely Fabulous? Patsy was right, 'never enough hat's'.

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