Thank you all for helping me back to life

James McIntosh
October 30, 2018

Depression is a hard topic to talk about, especially if it's yourself that's suffering and being talked about.

One day I woke up, I could not move, my head was black, fear, panic and anxiety were my the only flavours my mind was capable of. I was a life loving chap, I never thought the black dog would come to visit me.

Then it did. A year in bed unable to get out, a freelance business that was successful I had to loose. I had to start again.

That meant:

- Get better
- Learn to knit
- Watch my health
- Write a book
- Raise the money to publish the book
- Open my own publishing company

Not by any means a small list for someone who was bed bound. But I did it. I am however, proof it is possible.

Writing a book is not an easy job in itself. 3 years I spent learning to knit and writing Knit and Nibble.

Next, I had to fund the printing costs.

Crowdfunding was my plan and Kickstarter paved the way to success.

Over £21,000 by over 100 of you allowed be to tell my story, grab life by the horns again and publish Knit and Nibble.

My heart felt thanks to you all.

Have a little look at my video below

Thank you all for supporting me.

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