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Miss Dashwood

James McIntosh
June 20, 2019

What has been your greatest challenge in business James?

What an opening line.

I had to pause. Collect my thoughts and I wish I had my knitting needles with me as I was fidgeting internally as I was trying to scramble an answer together.

I wanted my knitting needles as they provide a barrier between myself and others. I learnt this trick ages ago during my depression. Holding 2 needles in-front of me allowed a barrier between myself and others. The important 'ME space'.

Then, I gave my answer.

'Getting over depression - everything else is a doddle once that's achieved'.

I hate exclamation marks in written English. I find their everyday over use nothing short of common and detracting from the enormity of the 'wow' they are intended to represent.

When I read the final copy of said interview I was very glad to see Getting over depression - everything else is a doddle once that's achieved!

Business plans, cashflow forecasts, writing my book, production and distribution are all big tasks, but easy to plan once your head is in the correct space which I achieved by Knititation and continue to practise daily.

The article was for Miss Dashwood's Register. A media register full of wisdom, loyalty, sensible demeanour and a consider approach - apply named after Miss Elinor Dashwood from Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.

You can read the interview HERE

Thank you kindly Miss Dashwood

Kind regards

John Willoughby - 'the hero of a favourite story'

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