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Black Sheep Wools in Warrington 23/03/19

James McIntosh
April 5, 2019

Come and say hello ...

‍That's what Sara the owner of Black Sheep Wools said to me when I first emailed her.

As it turned out, it was Sara who came and said hello to me at the British Knitting and Crochet Awards. A big smile, a giggle and a warm heart oozed from Sara. As we chatted Sara told me more about Black Sheep Wools, it was started by her mum over 30 years ago, a very innovative company in Cheshire who were one of the first companies to sell wool on the web. The selection of items stocked by Black Sheep is mahussive (if there is such a word) and it’s the biggest independent yarn shop in the UK.  They also sell cake.

Imagine my delight when I was asked to visit. So, Dr Thomas Ernst and myself will be visiting Black Sheep Wools on Saturday 23rd March to talk about Knit and Nibble and all things Knititation ...

So, what's happening?

James McIntosh, who lives in London was a man full of energy and life.  

James was also a presenter on China Food TV and a world award winning food writer.  He had the career every food writer dreamed of ... 100 million viewers on his TV shows in China.  That was until the age of 35 when he was suddenly struck with a severe depressive episode that come from nowhere.  James could leave his bedroom for a year.  Fear, panic and a darkness consumed him, not least to mention a catatonic physical state, he was a shadow of himself.  During this time, James taught himself to knit.

Slowly one stitch at a time James was able to regain his health and together with his partner Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP - a Senior Consultant Physician in a large teaching hospital in central London they researched knitting and wellness and developed a concept called ‘Knititation'. Come along and hear a story of overcoming adversity, the highs and lows, love and laughter as James talks about the story of his world award winning book Knit and Nibble and how he knit himself back together one stitch at a time.

So come along, grab a cuppa and a slice of cake (made from the recipes in Knit and Nibble), visit the craft barn - the largest knitting store in the UK and hear first hand how knitting saved my life as I was suffering from a severe depression. I promise you a day of laughter, love and anecdotes.  Dr Thomas Ernst FRCP will finish the talk with a mindfulness practise, explaining how being present (while knitting and when not knitting) leads to wellness.

Date and Time

We will be having 2 events on Saturday 23rd March, one at 11am and the next at 2pm.

How can I attend?

To book tickets for the morning event, just click HERE

To book tickets for the afternoon event, just click HERE

Anything else

£2 of the ticket price will be donated to MIND the mental health charity

‘Mind are a charity providing free, long-term therapies and peer-supported groups for people who experience mental distress and we won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health illness gets the support and respect that they need.’

Oh, and don’t forget your knitting!

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