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Meet Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP - what is depression?

Dr Thomas A Ernst FRCP
February 11, 2019

What is depression?

Dr Thomas Ernst, a senior consultant physician in a large London teaching hospital explains what it was like for James McIntosh, the author of Knit and Nibble as he battled through his depression.

Knit and Nibble by James McIntosh and Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP

In the video below, you can hear Dr Thomas Ernst being interviewed by Patrick Hoy at the launch of Knit and Nibble answer the following questions:

What is depression, is it laziness or a proper illness?

Do people with depression just need a kick up the bum?

What treatments are available for depression?

How do you come back to life after depression?

What's it like to live with someone who has severe depression?

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