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Let's talk about the size of your stash

James McIntosh
February 22, 2019

How much yarn is too much?

The correct answer is, a knitter never has enough.

Too much does not enter the equation.

Embellishments, oddments, accenting, contrasting ... and the list goes on.

Shade, texture, tone and dye-lots have a lot to do with the culmination of said stash.

That's before we even consider buying both the 4-ply and DK in the same shade with the excuse we 'may not have the correct size knitting needles at home' so we have to buy both yarn weights.

Then the mind wonders ... 'I wonder if the Clipper Blue comes in Aran weight'

The non-knitter simply will not understand the complexity of these decisions.

The perceived value of owning the yarn is a Maslovian concept of 'Self Actualisation Needs' - but only when it comes to the colour of the year - Living Coral is it the MUST HAVE. (Pantone 16-1546 TX)

But the knitter will have other thoughts, and this is even before we get to the 'heritage and provenance' of a yarn.

Thoughts of the creative process spark the neurons into purchase, the next Ravelry moment and the Instagram post, while secretly wanting to only increase likes.

Dr Thomas Ernst and I became uncles not that long ago, Sirdar Snuggly the go to brand for babies jumped at me. So soft and washable, accessories a must. 2 more balls of yarn my mind said. Perhaps 3 to knit baby Beth McIntosh an accompanying jacket for her teddybear to match the matinee coat I knit. Fair Isle and Intarsia options require extra yarn and Dr Thomas just does not understand my NEED for the fluffy balls of spun joy.

The joy I felt as a child in Woolworths with 'Pick and Mix' is now rekindled with my new understanding of yarn at 40 1/2 years of age with, mottles, tweeds, hand-dyed, double knitting fabulousness not to mention the bounce in a worsted yarn.

The knitter then considers the living room.

One's home should be an expression of oneself.

Knitted cushions, toys, rugs and the re-covering of the foot-stool that sits thread-bear in-front of the sofa.

A knitter needs a stash to account for any and every creation. Both creative and practical.

One can never have enough yarn.

Have I mentioned the remnants required for the moth eaten Swiss Daring on the jumper?

Where to hide it

Now, this is the problem.

However, I always see problems as 'success opportunities'.

Let me explain my home ...

My office is full of boxes of my stash

The drawer under my side of the Divan is full

Yes there is part of my stash behind (and under) the sofa

Above the wardrobe is full of yarn too

My learnings: forgiveness is easier than permission.

To be continued ....

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