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Knitting syndrome

James McIntosh
October 2, 2019

Hands up who suffers from a syndrome?

I do. It is fashionable after all to have at least one syndrome to discuss at dinner parties...

Constantly in my life I suffer, (on average about every 2 weeks) from Second Sleeve Syndrome or SSS

It's an agitation, a lack of will, and a contribution factor to my growing 'Work in Progress' stash.

I mean, I always start with good intentions, a joy and excitement by new yarn colours.

When knitting a sweater my formula is easy, back, front, 2 sleeves, neckband, sew up, wear.

All of this is ok, the back knits up beautifully, then the front remembering to adjust the decreases due to the neck line, first sleeve. Then my joy de vie seems to plummet.

Then I stop.

I don't know why. I just seem to fold all neatly and place them in a bag to prevent moths from an attack and then they sit there.

Until the other half comes into my craft room and demands the Work In Progress (WIP) bags reduce.

You see, my other half Dr Ernst has a syndrome himself. I call it yarn myopia.

Yarn myopia is a syndrome where he can not see the difference in 2 balls of yarn and 20. The fact is there are lots of balls of yarn in our home. I can see the difference, I can see front's and back's of sweaters in these balls of yarn, but the good Dr seems to not be able to see this..

Other knitting syndromes we have heard of:

Startitis - where you just cant seem to start a project

Second sock syndrome - akin to second sleeve syndrome.

Chronic knitting syndrome - I have this one too, it's when you wake up and find your knitting at next to the bed as you have just had to finish a few more rows before nodding off.

First Sock Syndrome - when knitting for a paid commission and one does not like the colour scheme.

It's too nice to knit with Syndrome - when one sees a ball of yarn that is just stunning as it is.

It's not turning out how I envisaged so I'll put it to one side and hope it transforms Syndrome - also known as Yarn Hoarding.

MPD - Multiple Projects Disorder.

James McIntosh realising he is about to have another attack of Second Sleeve Syndrome.

#knititation #secondsleevesyndrome #knitting

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