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James McIntosh
December 13, 2018

I really enjoy spending time with truly lovely genuine people.

It lifts my heart and my mood. Gives be a feeling of bonhomie.

And that's what happened on Monday past.

Christine, the Editor of Knitting Magazine invited me for a cuppa. We had a good old natter about everything from cable stitches to colour palates. Christine interviewed me for an article that will be published in a few months time about Knit and Nibble - so check back soon ...

Imagine my delight later in the week when the post arrived, to find my copy of Knitting Magazine issue 189 with a glowing review about my work. Knit and Nibble and how #knititation helped me through, and ultimately to overcome depression.

In Christine's words Knit and Nibble is :

"a great gift for both male knitters and others looking for a good range of patterns the men in their lives will actually want to wear"

Thank you Christine and thank you Knitting Magazine.

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