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Knit 2 together

James McIntosh
February 11, 2019

Knit 2 together - k2tog.

They say 2 heads are better than one, and in this case 2 stitches are better than one.

Well, when decreasing to shape the garment for the head they are.

Increasing and decreasing are common terms in knitting.

Don't be alarmed, it's all rather easy, and all is explained in Knit and Nibble.

Knit and Nibble by James McIntosh

Knit and Nibble starts with how to cast on - the term used to make the initial stitches on the knitting needle. And from there, Knit and Nibble guides the knitter through some easy to follow projects to show how to get the tension right, how to knit the different stitches used in the different projects within the book leading up to items to wear, like hats and jumpers.

James McIntosh has written Knit and Nibble to be a friend sitting next to you chatting to you about what you are doing as you learn to knit.

The slouchy hat, as pictured below is from Knit and Nibble. And the colour choices using Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK it's knit in are extensive. Meaning, a quick knit project to reflect your mood as you practise knititation.

As for the decreasing to shape the contours of the head. It's simple. Just follow the pattern in Knit and Nibble and it tells you how to knit 2 stitches together or k2tog as we say in knitting language - which is also explained in Knit and Nibble.

Keep warm and stand out from the crowd. Be unique.

Slouchy Hat from Knit and Nibble by James McIntosh and Dr Thomas A Ernst FRCP
Slouchy Hat from Knit and Nibble by James McIntosh

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