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Yarn and Garn, Västerås, Sweden 02/03/19

James McIntosh
April 5, 2019

Knit and Nibble is off to Sweden ...

2nd March 2019 James McIntosh will be at Yarn and Gran in Västerås, Sweden together with Gilla Grilla featuring Grill Master Sherif Roy.

Knitting, cooking, a story of overcoming adversity with love and stitches... what better way is there to look forward to spring?

So, what's happening?

James McIntosh, who lives in London was a man full of energy and life.  

A Swedish man’s invention - the AGA Cooker by Nobel Prize winning Dr Gustaf Dalén allowed James to travel the world as the Global Ambassador for AGA cookers, launching them in North America, across Europe and in China.  

James was also a presenter on China Food TV and a world award winning food writer.  He had the career every food writer dreamed of ... 100 million viewers on his TV shows in China.  That was until the age of 35 when he was suddenly struck with a severe depressive episode that come from nowhere.  James could leave his bedroom for a year.  Fear, panic and a darkness consumed him, not least to mention a catatonic physical state, he was a shadow of himself.  During this time, James taught himself to knit.

Slowly one stitch at a time James was able to regain his health and together with his partner Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP - a Senior Consultant Physician in a large teaching hospital in central London they researched knitting and wellness and developed a concept called ‘Knititation'. Come along and hear a story of overcoming adversity, the highs and lows, love and laughter as James talks about the story of his world award winning book Knit and Nibble and how he knit himself back together one stitch at a time.


10am Gathering and a cup of tea

10.30 Presentation by James McIntosh

11.30 Questions

12.00 The Gourmand Connection - by Bo Masser and a guided tour through the market hall Saluhallen Slakteriet - The old Slaughter house

13.00 BBQ lunch by Gilla Grilla and award winning grilling master Sheriff Roy

14.00 Knitting workshop

16.00 Nibbles from the Knit and Nibble

17.00 Closing time

How can I attend?

To book tickets for the event, just click HERE

Welcome to Yarn and Garn
Yarn and Garn, Sweden

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