Knit and Nibble is Knitting Club of the Month

James McIntosh
October 30, 2018

Knit and Nibble Time meet every other Wednesday in The Peckham Pelican.

I take pride in leading this group of 150+ fabulous people who are not precious about knitting. Dropped stitches are praised. As are fully completed items. We join together, talk about live, love and stitches over a drink while knitting. Some even crochet.

The lovely people in the group will show you how to knit if your a beginner, just bring some yarn and needles. Always best to start with 4mm knitting needles and Double Knitting (that's a yarn thickness and easy to buy).

Knitting is not a race, it's mindful, it's social, it's rewarding. And then you put that item you have knit on your body and oh boy the glow it gives to your face.

The Lovely people at Let's Knit Magazine came to visit and gave us the title of Knitting Group of the Month. Thank you Let's Knit

Do come along and join us, you can find the dates of the next Knit and Nibble Time HERE

Time Out have said "it's wool worth it"

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