How colour makes me feel

James McIntosh
February 11, 2019

I love colour

I once heard Katie Jones, the crochet and knitwear colorama asked the question 'what is your favourite colour'? The reply given was 'all of them'!

Colour to me is life. It's a reflection of mood, a statement of me and freedom of expression.

Some day's I like dark and stormy, other days neutrals and tweeds, other days I love bright and ones and on occasions neon and electric ones.

Paintbox Yarns have more colour options than you can imagine, they allow me to knit as I feel, and to allow me to create a bespoke me.

And as for the scarf I'm knitting above on the Love Knitting photoshoot, you can download the pattern HERE

I hope you enjoy my 'quick fire' video for Paintbox Yarns about my thoughts on colour.

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